5 Minute Guided Meditation for Non-Judgment

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Do you suffer from self-judgment of your thoughts? You are not separate in your suffering! Part of the human experience is identifying with our thoughts. But it’s important to remember:

You are not your thoughts! You are the one who is aware of the thoughts. 

In this quick 5-minute guided meditation, I’ll help you steer away from self-judgment and toward gratitude for your own intention to care for your Self.

Practically all suffering is born out of attachment. The ego wants to be reflected back to itself through everything it can sense. Buddhism identifies thinking as the sixth sense. Just like we are not our smells, our sight, or the sounds we hear, we are not our thoughts!

Thoughts are powerful and can shape our reality. I recommend listening below or downloading this guided meditation for whenever you are bogged down with thought-identification. Thank you for choosing to lean into the light with me.

Download this 5-minute meditation (without background music) here!

Download this 5-minute meditation (with background music) here!



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I created Luminous Leanings to help people return to their highest selves, awaken to the love and light within, and transform the world through positivity! Through guided meditations, writings, and other "Leanings" I hope to make your day and mindset a little more Luminous. Thanks for stopping by! XO

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