Cure-ated Care & Contemplation: June 17, 2018

Each week I’ll share a few resources from around the interwebs for self-care and contemplation.

Self Care: Essential oils & yoga for self-love.

I got into essential oils, along with the rest of the world, around a year ago. Peppermint and lavender are my daily go-to’s, blended in a coconut carrier oil I massage into my skin to relieve muscle pain and ground me before my morning and evening meditations. I also mix lavender and eucalyptus in my essential oil diffuser every night as part of my bedtime ritual. I also adore the chill pill blend from Aura Cacia and keep it at my desk for emergencies. Still not sure which oil to use for what ails you? Check out this guide from Refinery 29.

I’m sure by now you’ve experienced (and subsequently fallen head-over-heels heart shaped eyes in love with) Yoga With Adrienne! When I have 15 minutes, or even a whole hour, I love pulling her YouTube channel up on my phone, rolling out my mat, and going to zen town. Her mantra – Find what feels good – has become the rally cry of a generation practicing self care. This 50-minute practice will get your heart rate up while putting you in the self love flow!

Contemplation: The self care debate & overcoming body shame.

This NYT opinion piece articulates the co-opting of Audre Lorde’s famous self care coining from activists (usually of color) by capitalist companies who peddle it as luxury items to (mostly white) women. It’s something I think about a lot, given my commitment to spreading the self care gospel.

I love listening to Dear Sugars – the genius podcast inspired by Cheryl Strayed’s column and hosted by Strayed and her column’s predecessor, Steve Almond – when I’m getting ready for work in the morning. This episode deals with body shame, diet obsession, and the unrelenting pressure society places on women to be thin forever. The part that has stuck with me all week since I listened to it: girls transition from focusing on what they desire to being objects of men’s desire during adolescence. And this all begins with puberty, natural bodily changes, and body shame.

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