Self-Compassion Meditation for Shame Spiraling

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We’ve all been there. One day we’re feeling on top of the world, and the next we are triggered into a deep shame spiral, a trance of unworthiness. We all need to be reminded at times to come back to the truth about our own goodness, to be guided back to the light and love inside of us. Sometimes, we need to relearn self-compassion, and to be told that we are worthy. Worthy of love, worthy of compassion and care, worthy of simply feeling good in our own bodies.

Let this 10-minute guided meditation lead you back to your worthiness, back to self-compassion and recognizing your highest self’s inner goodness.

Namaste & thank you for listening!


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I created Luminous Leanings to help people return to their highest selves, awaken to the love and light within, and transform the world through positivity! Through guided meditations, writings, and other "Leanings" I hope to make your day and mindset a little more Luminous. Thanks for stopping by! XO

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