{Guided Meditation} Grounding Gratitude & Worthiness Meditation

Hello Dear Ones!

Do you remember ever curling into the roots of a great tree when you were a little kid? I bet you felt so supported there, so small and so taken care of. Intuitively, you knew that Mother Earth had your back, and you looked forward to the fulfillment of your dreams. Do you ever wish you could get back to that place?


[Photo by Jeremy Bishop on Unsplash]

Do you ever receive a gift and immediately say, “You shouldn’t have!”, or receive a compliment on something you’re wearing and say, “This old thing?” Stop. Rejecting. Blessings.

We cannot experience genuine gratitude until we open ourselves to the blessings available to us at all times.

We cannot open ourselves to these incessant blessings until we acknowledge and believe our own worthiness to receive them.

I am overjoyed to share this guided meditation with you, that I hope will take there. Back to the place where you believed in your own worthiness and were able to receive the blessings of the Universe freely.

This is a life-long journey of worthiness-remembering. You are so, so worthy, dear ones. Thank you for sharing this journey with me.

tree 4

[Photo by Amy Treasure on Unsplash]

At the end of this meditation, we repeat these mantras:

I am worthy of the blessings the Universe wants to bestow upon me.

I am worthy of the support of Mother Earth, as well as all those in my life who support me.

I give thanks for the grounding, healing Source energy that is available to me at all times.


[Photo by Maddy Baker on Unsplash]


Keep leaning into that light with more of my guided meditations here!

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I created Luminous Leanings to help people return to their highest selves, awaken to the love and light within, and transform the world through positivity! Through guided meditations, writings, and other "Leanings" I hope to make your day and mindset a little more Luminous. Thanks for stopping by! XO

4 thoughts on “{Guided Meditation} Grounding Gratitude & Worthiness Meditation

  1. Thank you so much, Ellen, for sharing this incredible meditation. It started my day wrapped in warmth, support and healing energy. I am so blessed and feel so much gratitude to have you in my life. Namaste and much love to you.


  2. Ellen – I was feeling overwhelmed by work today but then I listened to your guided meditation. It was just the mental break I needed to reset and get back to a positive frame of mind. I think the most powerful part was that it triggered memories for me of playing near trees as a child, piling acorns or sitting on a low-hanging branch. That was a very calming idea for me to center my meditation around!! Thank you!

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