Please note: At the time of this blog post, I was still spelling woman with an “x” (womxn). I have since been challenged that this spelling can be confusing & even harmful, as trans women are women & don’t need a special word for it to be inclusive. And we can’t use “womxn” & pretend it covers non-binary people. While the word “womxn” is riddled throughout my site & this webinar replay, I am now using the words “woman” & “women”. I am ever learning. I seek to use the identifying language I am asked to by those impacted, & welcome feedback on how to do this better. For more, check out some resources herehere, & here.

In this self-love sermon, we learned how to Womxnifest our BIGGEST Vision! Womxnifestation work is the intersection of manifestation and tapping into our Divine Feminine source (which we all have, regardless of gender identity). Learn more here.

Together, we practiced a womxnifestation visualization, along with the breath of fire to activate our magical, creative energy!

Original air date: June 30, 2020.

Learn more about Self-Love Sermons here! And please consider making a donation in exchange for my work here.

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I started Luminous Leanings to share my passions of meditation & self-care. As a self-care coach, I'm really just a holder! I hold space for busy people on their self-care journey. Then I hold them accountable as they integrate self-care into their lives. If you want to develop more self-compassion, but aren't sure where to start, you've come to the right place. Be sure to check out my guided meditations & journal freebies, & sign up for the Letter to keep in touch. You don't have to self-care alone - I'm in your corner!

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