Break up with your tech

Raise your hand if you watched the Social Dilemma on Netflix. Keep your hand up if you’re still reeling, terrified, and overwhelmed about your own tech addiction.

I know it’s not just me! I see you, and you are so not alone.

That’s why I created these simple journal sheets to help you – once and for all – break up with your tech!

Don’t worry, I won’t make you give it up completely.

All I know is – I have felt more spacious, more productive, and more happy and energized ever since I set my own tech limits.

Here are just a few of my tech hacks:

Early on in the Pandemic, I started limiting my TV intake. It’s far too easy to just veg out mindlessly on another night in, and suddenly realize – 5 hours have gone by!

I’ve also been personally trying to me more mindful of how many open tabs I have at one time (I’m the Tab Queen), to ensure I’m uber-focused on the task at hand while working on my desktop.

My latest hack is the phone schedule – did you know you can actually make a schedule for where your phone will be at all times? I show you how in the journal sheets! Phones have a way of sneaking back into our living rooms, bedrooms, dinner tables, and hands. They say that, simply having a phone in your eyeline is enough to break down social connection and productivity. These are some powerful dark magic devices! We would all be wise to be as proactive as possible when it comes to how we relate to them, especially if we don’t want them unconsciously running our lives.

Immediately after watching The Social Dilemma, I purchased a real alarm clock so I can – once and for all – keep the phone out of the bedroom! Some day I might go so far as to purchase a little charging bed for her, a la Arianna Huffington. 😉

What are you waiting for? Grab the journal sheets here and start setting your own rules!

Now I’d love to hear from you, Dear Ones – what are your fav hacks for limiting your tech usage? How has it impacted your mental and emotional wellness? Tell us in the comments below!

If you enjoyed setting boundaries as an act of self-love, why not sign up for my FREE 7-Day Challenge, RESILIENT? It all starts November 9th! Save your seat!

P.S. This journal freebie pairs exquisitely with this Self-Love Sermon on Tech Boundaries as Self-Love! Fill it out while you watch, or on your own time.

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I started Luminous Leanings to share my passions of meditation & self-care. As a self-care coach, I'm really just a holder! I hold space for busy people on their self-care journey. Then I hold them accountable as they integrate self-care into their lives. If you want to develop more self-compassion, but aren't sure where to start, you've come to the right place. Be sure to check out my guided meditations & journal freebies, & sign up for the Letter to keep in touch. You don't have to self-care alone - I'm in your corner!

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