What is Luminous Leanings?

Humans evolved because of fear, an intelligent emotion. But we don’t need the majority of the fearful thoughts we have become addicted to. We have a choice at this point in our evolution: either we give into this race to the bottom of the brain stem. Or we awaken, root down into our bodies and the Earth, bringing awareness to the life & love all around us. Either we give into the overpowering slant of darkness, or we Lean into the Light. 

Luminous Leanings is a community for truth seekers, beauty lovers, & spiritual adventurers. We’re learning to be in our bodies while expanding our consciousness. We’re awakening together & co-carving new neuropathways & ways of being. We’re asking all the questions & listening inclusively & curiously to all the answers. We’re resisting nothing except negativity & darkness. We’re growing in our courage to be lighter, more positive, & spiritually resilient. Together, we’re leaning into the Light.

On the blog you’ll find weekly wisdom & light for your path of awakening in the form of articles, downloadable guided meditations and tools. Sign up here to get the monthly(ish) Letter from Luminous Leanings in your inbox to make leaning toward the Light a little easier!

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