why I’m renaming my business & my role

I am renaming my business from Luminous Leanings to Ellen Gilbert Coaching. I am claiming my name fully, no longer hiding behind a cute phrase that quite frankly I had to correct and explain at every turn (“Luminous Learnings” was the most common mistake)! And I am renaming myself from self-care coach to self-love coach. This comes with a new website, all new grown-up branding, and of course a new story, which I will tell here. I want to honor and embrace my origin in its fullness.

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woo your muse with creative self-care

Creativity is how we express ourselves. Whether you identify as an Artist or not, you make things, you formulate ideas, you live your life with a unique flair that is all your own. You gather inspiration from the outside world and process it through the unique filter of your experience, your intuition, and the space you allow yourself to contemplate.

Because our work improves as our self-care improves, and because our creativity is essential for deep self-care, I thought I’d put together a little guide on attracting your creative muse! Our creative muse is the one who brings us divine inspiration. She carries the ideas to us, and asks, “Will you make this? Will you be the one to bring it through your being, impacting both you and the world forever?” She gives us a profound gift – an opportunity to commune with the Divine, to lose our ego in the creative process, to meditate through the art. If we want to get serious about attracting her, we’ve got to open the window, set the table with our finest china, light some candles, brew a cup of tea. If we want to live creative lives, we must create regular space for the inspiration to arise out of!

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