Self-love sermon | Pushin’ & Pullin’ (INner tug-of-war)

In this self-love sermon, we learned how to Womxnifest our BIGGEST Vision! Womxnifestation work is the intersection of manifestation and tapping into our Divine Feminine source (which we all have, regardless of gender identity). Learn more here.

Together, we practiced a womxnifestation visualization, along with the breath of fire to activate our magical, creative energy!

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5-Minute Guided Meditation to STOP Judging Yourself

Do you suffer from self-judgment of your thoughts? You are not separate in your suffering! Part of the human experience is identifying with our thoughts. But it’s important to remember: You are not your thoughts! You are the one who is aware of the thoughts.  In this quick 5-minute guided meditation, I’ll help you steer […]

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