Self-love sermon | access Abundance through gratitude

In this self-love sermon, we explore gratitude as a gateway into abundance, and how pleasure and joy are the embodiment of gratitude. You can use presence and worship to take your gratitude a step further! Join us as we practice some breathwork and meditation, grab your rose quartz crystals & let’s go!

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In this self-love sermon, we busted out the craft supplies, matches, & paper to create rituals! Rituals are for everyone, no prior expertise required. Get ready to lean into the cycles & seasons of your life, creating ideas for rituals to make meaning & mark the passage of time. We also practiced breathwork & meditation together, this time with a soundtrack c/o Beautiful Chorus & Alexa Sunshine Rose.

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Self-love sermon | Pushin’ & Pullin’ (INner tug-of-war)

In this self-love sermon, we learned how to Womxnifest our BIGGEST Vision! Womxnifestation work is the intersection of manifestation and tapping into our Divine Feminine source (which we all have, regardless of gender identity). Learn more here.

Together, we practiced a womxnifestation visualization, along with the breath of fire to activate our magical, creative energy!

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