In this self-love sermon, we learned how to Womxnifest our BIGGEST Vision! Womxnifestation work is the intersection of manifestation and tapping into our Divine Feminine source (which we all have, regardless of gender identity). Learn more here.

Together, we practiced a womxnifestation visualization, along with the breath of fire to activate our magical, creative energy!

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Why It’s More Important than Ever to Start a Moon Circle (& How To Do It)

Please note: At the time of this blog post, I was still spelling woman with an “x” (womxn). I have since been challenged that this spelling can be confusing & even harmful, as trans women are women & don’t need a special word for it to be inclusive. And we can’t use “womxn” & pretend […]

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How to Cultivate a (Wo)Manifestation Mindset & Get Anything You Want

What a week I’m having over here in New Mexico! In a little over 12 hours, I got a new job and a new home. I attracted an incredible professional opportunity paying more than I even asked for. It might sound self-aggrandizing, but I truly believe this is the direct result of the womanifestation mindset […]

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